Why I love Photoshop

Whew! This guy was a lot of work! What’s really funny about this one is that I didn’t realize until I was coming into the home stretch with the colors that perspective on the temple was hideously off. Like,”how the hell did I not see that WAY sooner” sorta off. Fortunately, Photoshop is one hell of…

Contest Submission

A little something that has been tying me up for the last few weeks.  It was an interesting process learning to bop back and forth between Manga Studio and Photoshop. Really proud of how all my characters turned out!


Keeping busy with these works in progress!

Aiming for the stars

I had fun with the storytelling in this illustration. I’m pretty pleased with how all of the glowing knockouts turned out.

Figuring out Manga Studio

 So I set up this project as a way to teach myself Manga Studio. I’m still feeling the program out but I can see where it has a lot of potential, specifically when it come to it’s blenders and specialized rulers.

More Spider-man!

Boy, figuring out the fish-eye lens perspective on this was super challenging! It still isn’t perfect but sometimes you just have to get the damn thing done. 🙂 I really dug using Manga Studio for the inking on this project. It made the process go so much faster than if I had tried to ink…

Kaladin and Syl Finished

  Alright! Colors for Kaladin and Syl are all done!  This was such a fun project. I put up the pencils and the inks along with the finished product because I think it’s kinda fun to see a side by side comparison. Also, if you are into reading fantasy books I highly recommend Brandon Sanderson.  He…

Ultimate Spider-Man Colors

Alright!  Just finished up the colors for this page this morning! I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  I can’t tell you how much I love this Intuos Pro.  It made coloring this page a breeze.


So I recently acquired a Wacom Intuos Pro and was looking a project to break it in when I ran across this character design I had made a while back.  She still needs some finishing touches, but over all I’m pretty damn happy with both her and the Intuos.

Joker, Harley & Robin

So this is one that I’ve been working on and had done for a while but just haven’t had the time to post. The hardest part to this pin-up?  Making Harley look crazy enough!