Healthy Land

A friend needed help with her group project for her pediatrics class. The goal of the project was to create a board game that could help kids to develop healthy habits for eating and exercise. She asked me to draw the board while she and her group figured out all the game mechanics. It was…

Kaladin and Syl Finished

  Alright! Colors for Kaladin and Syl are all done!  This was such a fun project. I put up the pencils and the inks along with the finished product because I think it’s kinda fun to see a side by side comparison. Also, if you are into reading fantasy books I highly recommend Brandon Sanderson.  He…

Art Challenge Day 3

So I’m three days into my art challenge.  Warmed up with a Catwoman sketch.  After that goofed around with some inks both traditional and digital with my angry guy.  The last is a character design I’ve had in my pocket for a while that’s been needing to be inked.    

Art Challenge Day 2

So these are the three drawings I finished for the second day of my on going art challenge.  They are all panels from the same Ms. Marvel pages I have been working on.

The Art Challenge

So a few days ago a good friend and fellow artist Melinda Santora ( challenged me to an Art Challenge.  The terms of the challenge are to post three drawings online per day for the next five days. While I have been posting said drawings on Facebook I thought I would be a good idea…