Technical Problems


Geez, getting this illustration done was a lot harder than it should have been! The first issue I ran into was my Wacom tablet up and died on me. That was resolved by the awesome people at Wacom customer service for a low nominal fee.

Next, I downloaded the newest version of Photoshop to try out all of it’s new toy’s, but apparently it has more than a few bugs. After a couple of times on the phone with Adobe, I found out the particular bug that I was running into (saving issues) won’t be fixed until the next version (19.1).

In the mean time I busted out good ol’ Manga Studio and knocked this guy out!


All Hallows Eve


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I set this project up with working on my hatching skills in mind, specifically for tones and playing with light sources. Also, I wanted to do a fun horror piece considering that I didn’t have the time to do so … Continue reading

A whole mess of stuff. Some new, some old.

So, I’m not always Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to uploading my artwork as I produce it. Many of these are the pencils and inked stages of previous pieces that I have kept meaning to post and just recently found the time to do so.

The only “new” artwork is the Wonder Woman sketch and the colored and inked versions of the dragon piece, both of which I just recently buttoned-up.

Art Challenge Day 5

This is the last day of my art challenge. I really had a ton of fun doing this (thank you Melinda Santora).  That said, there’s some Batman.