Forge Master

This is the first in a series of supernatural hunter character designs I’ve been working on and thought it would be fun show how I do a bit of my process. In this case, I started by laying in the highlights and the glow of the hammer with my watercolors, then my ink washes to…

Art Challenge Day 4

Day Four into my art challenge.  The first two I did were character designs.  The last one is actually a scene from The Way of Kings.  At first it just started out as a warm up sketch but I found myself really getting into it the more I worked on it.

Art Challenge Day 3

So I’m three days into my art challenge.  Warmed up with a Catwoman sketch.  After that goofed around with some inks both traditional and digital with my angry guy.  The last is a character design I’ve had in my pocket for a while that’s been needing to be inked.