Art Challenge Day 2

So these are the three drawings I finished for the second day of my on going art challenge.  They are all panels from the same Ms. Marvel pages I have been working on.

Ultimate Spider-Man Colors

Alright!  Just finished up the colors for this page this morning! I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  I can’t tell you how much I love this Intuos Pro.  It made coloring this page a breeze.

Ultimate Spider-Man Pencils

I love Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man.  Unfortunately I don’t feel the same about the Ultimate Green Goblin so I stuck with the original. Pencils, done.

Avengers cover

I’ve had this guy done for a while and finally got around to posting it.  Im pretty darn happy with it although I think I may have gotten a little too caught up in the background details.  Looking forward to getting it all inked and colored up!

Stormlight pages

One of my favorite authors is the fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson, best known for A Memory of Light and The Mistborn trilogy.  What I really enjoy about his work is how much of a visual author he is and how he writes outside of the traditional confines of the fantasy genre. That’s why I thought…

Joker, Harley & Robin

So this is one that I’ve been working on and had done for a while but just haven’t had the time to post. The hardest part to this pin-up?  Making Harley look crazy enough!